Baby Products: choosing the good from the bad when it matters the most.

Shopping for baby products becomes an inextricable part of your life as a new parent. This is time when the most basic of human needs have to be met on a daily basis and the lure of fancy gadgets that promise to make those difficult parenting days easier is strong.

In my experience as a parent of a toddler and with twins on the way, I think that there are too many product choices out there and simply not enough detailed information as to which products are worth spending money on and which are not.

As a first time parent I went from baby store to baby store trying to complete the extensive baby check-lists that are given to you as soon as you enter the store, when you join a parenting website, or the moment you announce your pregnant online and targeted marketing floods your computer with ‘must have’ baby items… the push to buy comes from everywhere!

Do you need to fulfill those lists. NO. Do you feel like you need to fulfill those lists for the fear of finding that the 2 pack of singlets you bought is all dirty making you realize the error of your ways for not following the shopping checklist that insisted on buying a 6 pack from the start! YES. You will think you need it all.

As a second time parent with twins on the way, I feel more confident in my shopping choices but I’m also all the more enraged these days when I decide to try a new product that promises the world and it’s a complete flop and waste of money. Honestly, I don’t think some companies test the practicality of their products sometimes!

At TWENTYFOURSEVEN BABY we strive to review baby products both big and small in enough detail to help you make more informed shopping decisions and help fight the decision fatigue that comes when baby shopping becomes a sleep-deprived chore.

We also like to offer our top tips and tales about what makes or breaks us as parents!

Yes, you will experience your own wonder and bewilderment at what it takes to raise your baby in this 24-7 job called parenting, but just remember…

Don’t sweat the small stuff and do buy the good stuff!


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