PRODUCT REVIEW: Babyhome Dream Cot – Do you get more if you pay more?

I live in a small house so my search for compact nursery furniture was an extensive one. I really needed to find a brand that made small furniture, and if it did more than just sit in the corner of the room, then that would be a real bonus!

The Babyhome Dream cot (or bassinet) is what I found:



The Babyhome Dream cot is a convertible bed that can be used as a permanent bed for your baby or it can be packed up and used as a portable travel cot.

A unique design feature is that the legs convert from a standing position, to a rocking position and in to a rolling position. This is a seriously genius device, I haven’t found any other products on the market that offer such a multi-functional conversion!

The way it works is that the base of the metal cot legs flip around with the click of two side levers, changing it from a flat design (standing position), to an arched design (rocking position), and into wheels (rolling position) allowing it to be used in three ways. A demonstration video of this convertible design is available on the Babyhome website.

All three leg positions are very useful but I found it to be particularly useful to keep one end of the cot in the rocking position (the end that your baby’s head is at) and the other end in the standing position so you can lift one end of the cot and roll it around the house (so you don’t have to carry it around). The cot is very lightweight even with baby in it.

The only issue I have found with this design is that you are not really able to change the leg positions with just the use of your foot (as shown in the demonstration video). You do need to bend down and use your hands to flip the legs.

Flipping the leg position while holding the two release buttons on the sides can be a bit awkward, but it is not impossible so the benefits of the multi-leg design overall, still outweigh this design imperfection.


The cot comes with a portable carry bag and it is really easy to assemble. The main issue I have with its assembly is that the fabric is really tight over the metal frame and there is some visible stretch in the last corner to go over the rectangular frame. However, in the five months or so that our son was in the cot, I only pulled it apart a couple of times and there were no real issues with its integrity from what I could see.

The material itself is a very tough fabric that resembles the outdoor-grade materials you find in outdoor cushions. The fabric is easy to clean with a wipe-down if needed and the lining is a super soft spongy white cotton. The white lining is also a very forgiving colour in nursery products (think white stains on light fabric compared to darks)!

The colour options for the external fabric are also very good with a choice of modern to traditional colours including: navy, green, red, black, white, beige. I believe the internal cot lining remains a white colour regardless of the external colour you choose.

All of the colour options are not available in all countries worldwide.


The mattress is made of a ‘honeycomb’ material which is a firmer surface than the soft lining of a pram for example. I read somewhere that the firmness of this mattress was specially designed to help with transitioning baby into a larger cot or bed mattress.

The mattress is quite flexible which I have found to be useful when folding blanket edges under it and for stretching cot sheets over it. The corners of my mattress have started to curl slightly with the pulling of the sheets that I’ve chosen to use but the shape of the mattress overall is unaffected once the sheets are taken off (as show in the photo below).

White Babyhome cot sheets can be purchased separately but I’ve also found that a king sized pillow case or a small bassinet sheet will fit the cot if you’re after a more interesting design.



When fully assembled the Babyhome Dream cot looks quite solid and wide, it is however, narrower than most brands because the legs sit directly under the box shaped bed and not in a wide angled A-frame stance like most other bassinets. I measured this to be sure!

The cot is also slightly longer than many other products on the market which means baby can stay in the bassinet for longer.

It stands at about 67 cm high with the mattress base at about 30 cm off the ground. This is a lower design than most bassinets which does require some bending over in order to lift your baby out.

One wish I would have had for this product was a transparent section in the cot walls; which it looks like Babyhome has now designed. However, the solid fabric walls don’t seem to bother my baby as he even seems to enjoy running his hands down the sides of the cot while self-settling. He’s happy so I’m happy!


The Babyhome nursery range is not the cheapest brand on the market. I paid over $400 AUSD with postage given that it’s not yet available in Australia, but it can be purchased on Amazon.

However, the cost of the Babyhome Dream cot is equivalent to other high quality smart design brands, and when you do the math, the price is equivalent to purchasing a cot for the home and an additional portable travel cot.

In my situation where I really needed a narrow cot I was prepared to pay for a smart design and as a bonus it was easy to move around the house. Many cheaper cots are also not recommended for long term use as a bed for your baby, unlike this product.


I think this is a great product given that it offers such flexibility with rocking, rolling or standing the cot, as well as being able to pack it up and take it away on holidays. This feels like multiple products in one to me.

Price-wise, it is comparable to other higher-end products or to purchasing a good bassinet plus a separate travel-cot. I would also highly recommend this product for small houses where other baby beds take up too much room.

The Dream range is not a particularly dainty or delicate design, but it is a practical and modern style of furniture that resembles the sharp clean design lines of other Scandinavian-style furniture.

I think it is understated but smart and it has drawn a lot of attention in our house with friends constantly asking where we got such an ‘interesting and different’ bassinet from.

My baby was in the cot for about 5 months and for the convenience that it gave us in the first few (hectic!) months of life with a newborn, it has been money well spent for us.

AT A GLANCE: The real world issues

Is it easy to use? Once set-up, the cot is easy to use even if the levers for switching the legs setting from a rock, stand or roll position are a little-bit fiddly to change.
The biggest pro? The convertible leg setting makes this a very dynamic piece of furniture that can be easily moved around or rocked when you want to settle your baby.
The biggest con? The lower bed height requires some bending over in order to lift your baby which can cause back strain.

Happy shopping!

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