PRODUCT REVIEW: IKEA ‘Antilop’ children’s high chair – Basic or brilliant?

You can find them in cafes and restaurants all over the world, in fact, if an eating establishment doesn’t bring out one of these you might react with slight bewilderment… ‘Huh? But how do I use this other type of high chair?’… 

Yes, it’s the IKEA ‘Antilop’ high chair.

At $29.99 AUSD, it’s a budget piece.

In white and red only, it’s a simple piece.

With one accessory – the seat cushion – it’s a modest piece.

Yes, it really is a no-fuss piece of children’s furniture that does the job and the world knows it.

I could stop there, but surely there’s more to this chair. Well let’s see…


The IKEA ‘Antilop’ high chair is made of plastic which you can wipe-down, scrub-down or even hose-down if meal-times get really messy. It is durable, that is for sure!

The ‘Pyttig’ cushion is made of a synthetic material which is equally durable and is unlikely to fade like many cotton cushion covers do. The cushion is sold separately to the chair at the RRP of $9.99 AUSD.

This chair comes in all white or all red (seat and table-top are one colour).


You can buy the ‘Antilop’ chair, the ‘Antilop’ tray and the ‘Pyttig’ cushion separately. But let’s face it, there is nothing more frustrating (or useless) than being given a high chair without a tray when you go to a restaurant. Just get the chair AND the tray!

The optional ‘Pyttig’ inflatable cushion provides added support for smaller children and includes a removable outer slip that comes in a red and blue stripe pattern with an internal inflatable bag.

cushion resized 1

The cushion is a simple design but because the internal bag is inflatable you can increase or decrease the amount of padding your baby needs in order to sit upright as they grow. I found this surprisingly useful until I could remove the cushion all together.

The chair also has a seat belt which all good high chairs should have, because you won’t believe it until you see it, kids really can stand up in high chairs! But I have to say, the seat belt is fairly basic and a toddler can find their way out of it and the chair.

blue resized


The chair is 74cm high measuring from the floor to the tray and 60cm wide measuring from the front legs to the back legs. The tray itself is roughly 40cm x 23cm – big enough for any children’s plate or bowl is all that needs to be said here. 


The one thing that bothers me about this chair is that it does not fold-up for easy storage. By this I mean that you can dismantle it no problems, but given how many times a day I use this chair I’m not likely to dismantle it just to store it away between meals. If there was a flip-switch that collapsed the tray or legs that would be a great improvement.

And as far as dismantling it goes, the tray locks in quite tight so I’ve found it a bit difficult (if not impossible at times) to take the tray off in order to take my baby out of the seat. I usually slide my boy out of the top of the chair rather than struggling around trying to take the tray off each time.

On the other-hand the legs clip off really easily and no tools are required to put it back together, which is fantastic!

It is also supper light making it really easy to move around and yet it is still really stable.

chair resized


At $29.99 AUSD this chair is good value for money as a first high chair. Being in the lower price range, you might expect serious functional issues such as an unstable chair, but this is not the case. 

It’s stable and durable which is important when it comes to managing meal-times with an energetic and wriggly baby!

It also seems to have a great life-span. I’ve had mine for nearly a year and a half with no signs of wear or tear and I have many friends who have used their IKEA high chairs with multiple children, who have had no issues.


If there’s a market for children’s furniture out there IKEA will join it and probably own it.

The ‘Antilop’ children’s high chair is a basic design but it cleverly meets the most basic of design needs: it’s plain and inoffensive looking, it’s tough, stable and sturdy. It does the job and it isn’t an eyesore is my point.

These days shopping options are plentiful, so just because a product is cheap it certainly does not mean it has to look outdated or tacky anymore, and IKEA have nailed this point. 

Perhaps over time you might consider getting a fancier chair with more accessories or practical features, but if value-for-money means simple reliability to you, then this is the chair for you.

AT A GLANCE: The real world issues

Is it easy to use? Once assembled it’s sturdy and stable but the tray is a little difficult to remove all the time.
The biggest pro? The durable, no-fuss design that’s super easy to clean.
The biggest con? You need to dismantle the whole chair in order to store it away between meal-times.

Happy shopping!

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Special note: It would be remiss of me not to mention a 2012 recall of specific model Antilop chairs, for more information please visit: