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Baby Products: choosing the good from the bad when it matters the most

When you first become a parent, shopping for baby products becomes an inextricable part of your exciting new life. As a parent of three under three, a toddler and twins, I find that there is too much choice and not enough detailed information out there as to which products are worth the dollar and which are not.

Visiting baby store after baby store in an effort to complete shopping check-lists can also lead to ‘decision fatigue’ setting in pretty quickly – yep that’s an actual thing! These baby check lists are so kindly provided to you as you enter baby stores, as you join new parent groups, as you … well basically, the moment you announce you’re having a baby your computer goes into overdrive flooding you with ‘must have’ baby check lists!

Do you need to fulfill those lists. No. Do you feel like you need to fulfill those lists for the fear of finding that the 2 pack of singlets you bought is all in the wash and you have no more because you didn’t follow your list and buy a 6 pack from the start… Yes. You will think you need it all.

There’s also no doubt that baby products can cost you a small fortune over time, and yes, shopping for your baby can be a really exciting time but it can also be a confusing and stressful experience when you don’t know what a baby actually needs or wants…. so we revert to following those pesky check-lists.

For all these reasons, we at TWENTYFOURSEVEN BABY strive to review baby products both big and small in as much detail as possible, to help you make more informed shopping decisions and to help fight the decision fatigue that can set in when baby shopping becomes a sleep-deprived chore.

You will experience your own wonder (and bewilderment) at what it takes to prepare and raise your baby in this 24-7 job called parenting, but just remember…

Don’t sweat the small stuff and do buy the good stuff!

Our other interests here at TWENTYFOURSEVEN BABY include a spot of poetry and top tips and tales to shed light and a bit of humor on this fun thing called the parenting game!


Thanks for stopping by, happy reading.


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